Capt. Ken first started to make these FROG Lures back in 1977 when he graduated from college with a degree in Environmental Science & Biology. He made his first larger FROGs for using on his fly rod, using a custom rod and a custom homemade shooting taper to make it easier to cast. He caught this particular bass and released it many years later in Florida on one of the FROGs designed for spinning rods and bait casting rods in 2007. In 2008, after retiring as a Florida fishing guide and taxidermist for over 20 years, he began to sell the custom FROGs to other fishermen.

Original Series Full size Pine Barrens Tree FROG with DNA Hot Legs on the left and an Original Series Dark Green  Micro FROG with Standard Kicking Legs on the right.

The materials used on the full size FROGs are much heavier now than those used to make the large Fly Rod FROGs in the beginning, because they needed to be cast on spinning and bait casting rods. So, the full size FROGs would be difficult to cast on a fly rod now. The Micro FROGs, however, can be cast on a flyrod with 5 weight to 8 weight fly rods with standard Bass Bug Taper Fly Lines. With Micro FROGs, there is no need for the custom shooting tapers, but they are still very nice if you want to cut down on false casting, and especially back casting. Even though they are much smaller, the Micro FROGs are still deadly on Monster Bass, and sometimes under certain conditions, even deadlier than the full size FROGs.

All  three FROGs above are Original Series light green Leopard FROGs with DNA Hot Legs. DNA Hot Legs have translucent webbing between the toes. 

Even the Micro FROGs can have DNA Hot Legs. 

You can choose the most weedless option of the Head Hook Model or a heavier stainless steel hook below the belly with an Allen Loop as an effective weedguard, especially around lily pads and logs.

There is an infinite variety of colors/species that can be made in either Micro FROGs or full size Original Series FROGs. There is also a great variety of feathers and other fly tying materials that can be used for making alternative models with very effective and attractive action legs. However, with the new DNA Style of FROG, you can change back & forth from Kicking Legs, to Feather Legs, Silicone Skirt Legs, or even the Skitter Legs with the curly tail wiggling ends that gurgle across the top.

Micro FROG- Light Green Leopard FROG- Head Hook - Skitter Legs- Style #1- Action #2.  

Skitter Legs come in two different actions and two different styles. Action #1 is a lightweight action that activates more quickly and Action #2 is a heavyweight action that has more power or disturbance on the water surface. Style #1 is a narrow bending leg curl that has a tighter action and Style #2 is a wider bend with a more flowing action. The Skitter Legs allow you to cover more water in a faster style of fishing that forces bass to make a quicker decision and make more mistakes. It will quickly find the more aggressive bass at that time. Skitter Legs work best with the Head Hook model of Hook Placement.

Micro FROG- Head Hook Model- Dark Green Leopard with DNA Style Chartreuse Feather Legs that can be changed to another color of Feather Legs, or to Skitter Legs or even to Kicking Legs.

Micro FROG- Head Hook Model- Articulated Light Brown Bull FROG with changeable DNA Style Mottled Brown Feather Legs.

Micro FROG- Head Hook Model- CA Red Legs FROG- Red Phase- Dual Color DNA Feather Legs. 

Micro FROG- CA Red Legs FROG- Red Phase- Belly View- "Mottled Belly"

Micro FROG- Belly Hook Model- Allen Loop Weedguard- Light Green Leopard- Yellow Feather Legs.

Micro FROG- Belly Hook Model- Allen Loop Weedguard- Pine Barrens Tree FROG- Dual Color Feather Legs

Micro FROG- Belly Hook Model- Allen Loop Weedguard- Red-Eyed Jungle Tree FROG- Green Feather Legs

Full size FROGs come in the same colors, models and species as the Micro FROGs. 
If you are interested in the larger FROGs, you should go to:
There are many more examples and more information about the larger FROGs found there.
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