No FLY ROD Needed™
The Fly Fishing Revolution
This website is a chronicle of one fly fisherman's transition from a life long sport of fishing bugs & flies with a fly rod to fishing custom made bugs & flies designed for spinning & bait casting tackle, while "endeavoring to preserve the essence and effectiveness of fly fishing" and to capitalize on the efficiencies of spinning and bait casting tackle.
The results have been the best of both worlds; yielding something new, including more finesse, less hassle, and an array of bugs & flies that imitate all of the common foods fish eat with even more appeal to the fish and here to for unequaled presentation. The resulting collection of bugs & flies are still growing and changing, and they are available to purchase by anglers who wish to learn this style of angling. They are known as ---- Capt. Ken's Designer Bass Casting BUGs™.
Whether you are someone looking for an alternative to struggling with learning to fly fish, giving up fly fishing, frustrated with fly fishing, or just someone who would like to fish bugs & flies but do not want the hassle of fly fishing. Or perhaps, you just like the looks of these Bugs. In any case, you are welcome to JOIN ------------The Fly Fishing Revolution: 
No Fly Rod Needed™ !
"This is not an anti-fly fishing effort."
Many of the designs can also be cast very well on a fly rod ! 
It is an expansion of the enjoyment and effectiveness of the sport. 
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