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"Head Hook" Placement Model-Large-Fancy Brown Dasher-Orange Belly-
DNA Clear Wings
The Head Hook Model of DragonFly above is my favorite "Hook Placement Model" of DragonFly fishing lures. The reason is it's ability to "skate" over the the open water surface as if it is about to take Wing & fly away. It also skates over all types of surface vegetation as if it were not there. It rides with the hook completely out of the water so that there is very minimal resistance to the surface or various obstructions. It uses an Elastic Weedguard and a Kahle Style Hook. It has the most finesse of any of the DragonFly Models. This is also the latest example of the new DNA DragonFly™ fishing lure which allows for the changing of Wings. You can also change to any of the Wing Styles such as the Silicone Strand Wings or the Wispy Wings which are made from many of the various fly tying materials. Or, you can just change to another set of the natural looking DNA Clear Wings.

The "Abdomen Stinger Hook" Placement Model-Large-Mottled Rusty Brown Dasher-

DNA Clear Wings

The Abdomen Stinger Model above is one of my "Go To" Hook Placement models when I am using heavier tackle, especially around heavier cover for bigger bass. The heavy stainless steel hook is very strong and extremely sharp. It often hooks bass that attack without swallowing the lure, and they sometimes get hooked by the cheek or even by the lateral line. It is very effective on short strikers and spawning bass that threaten critters away from their spawning territory, but it is also great for all around use. The Springy Weedguard is very durable, effective, and especially useful in heavy pads where it causes the abdomen to bounce over the pads, looking very lively and repeatedly going airborne while skipping over even the worst "ratty edge" pads. If the cover is extremely difficult, you can attach the weedguards to either side of the hook point on the shaft at the bend as in the photo below, but I have rarely needed to resort to this option.

Abdomen Stinger Model with the weedguards fastened to the shank.

The "Tail Stinger Model" below was designed specifically for spawning bass, and you can see it's performance in the YouTube Video " SUPER MOON Monster Bass on the DragonFly Lure." It has a strong, upright hook, and the weedguard has the same durability, resilience & position memory as the weedguard on the Abdomen Stinger Model, but this model skims over the water surface much smoother, faster, and more naturally, even through all sorts of vegetation. It is particularly effective on bass that only nip the tail when guarding a spawning bed. Of course, it will also work well if a bass inhales it also. It is also a great "skater" on the surface, and it will allow you to cover a lot of water surface quickly.

"Tail Stinger" Model DragonFly Lure - Upright Hook with Weedguard

The DragonFly below is the same DragonFly as above with an additional hook attached as a Head Hook. You can add this additional Hook in seconds if you think that you need it. You can also remove the back hook and fish it as a "Head Hook Model". Or you can remove it and replace it with a new hook. I personally like a single hook wherever it is placed to keep things looking as natural as possible.

Tail Stinger Model DragonFly Lure with additional removable Head Hook

The DragonFly below is an older model that has a ventral located hook in the head and thorax. It also has a weedguard that is commonly used as a weedguard for fly rod poppers. It is called an "Allen Loop", named after Bob Allen its inventor who was a Florida fly fishing guide in the Florida Everglades. It is a very heavyweight monofilament hoop that obstructs weeds and snags from contacting the hook point. It is a very effective weedguard for fishing more slowly in pocket water, but it does not "skate" dragonfly lures as naturally over the surface as the weedguards previously shown above. So, it is not as effective at covering large expanses of surface water as a searchbait. However, the long, lively silicone strand wings are a very effective temptation for monster bass hiding in vegetation or various other ambush cover. Its a deadly "twitch" presentation model, but it can also be skated over the surface. When skated however, it turns onto its back so that it runs with the hook and weedguard up unobstructed over and through various cover, and then when it is stopped in a pocket, it turns back upright with the hook down.

Stainless Steel "Thorax Model Hook PLACEMENT"   

Allen Loop Weedguard - SILICONE WINGs

The next DragonFly Lure below is another Standard Thorax model with another style of weedguard. The legs of this DragonFly are a resilient plastic that prevent the weeds or other obstructions from contacting the hook point. It does have the ability to "skate" over the surface, but once again, it behaves much like the Allen Loop weedguard in the previous DragonFly model in the above photo while skating over the surface. The Wispy Wings however are a powerful attractant for big bass below, since they move so tantalizing even when the DragonFly is sitting still in a pocket. The Wispy Wings are made from a common Fly Tying material, and they come in many colors and they can be decorated to have bar markings or spots with permanent marking pens.

"FlexLEG Weedguards"™-Stainless Steel Thorax Bottom Hook Model - 

artificial WISPY WINGS™ 

Natural BUCKTAIL Wings - Mottled Blue Eyes- Fancy Black & Yellow Spotted- 

Stainless Steel Thorax Bottom Hook - Allen Loop Weedguard

FANCEY EYE- Fancy Light Brown Dasher- Stainless Steel Thorax Bottom Hook- Allen Loop Weedguard

The Wobble Head Model of DragonFly Fishing Lure below can be made as a Head Hook Model, an Abdomen Stinger Model, or a Tail Stinger Model. The wobbling head can be wiggled separately even while the rest of the body remains still. Real DragonFlies demonstrate this behavior often. You can see this behavior demonstrated by real DragonFlies and this DragonFly Fishing Lure in some of my videos. Of course, the extra labor to produce them, requires a higher sale price, according to which Hook Placement Model you choose. On this DragonFly model, the head, the thorax, the abdomen, the legs and the Wings all wiggle & move separately. It has more strike "triggering mechanisms" than any other lure I make. Most of the parts are moving even when it is sitting in one place.

Head Hook Placement Model - Fancy Regal Darner - WobbleHead Model 

DragonFly Fishing Lure

Large Yellow and Black Banded DragonFly - Thorax Bottom Hook Placement Model - DNA Clear Wings 

Large Fancy Green Dasher- Thorax Bottom Stainless Steel Hook- Allen Loop Weedguard- BOTTOM View

Large Fancy "Light Blue" Dasher- Allen Loop Weedguard - Stainless Steel Thorax Hook Placement Model

Large-Head Hook Placement Model-PondHawk

Large Fancy "Darker Blue" Dasher- Thorax Bottom Stainless Steel Hook- Allen Loop Weedguard

Smaller DragonFlys

Small Fancy Brown Dasher- Head Hook- DNA Clear Wings

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